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Presentation Title

This is the opportunity to capture the potential audience! Please make sure the title is catchy and directly speaks to the proposed topic.



The abstract should be presented in a problem/solution format that will engage an audience and provide value in the explanation/presentation. The abstract is limited to approximately 750 characters.



Your objectives will be 3 statements that finish the start ‘Participants will learn…’ and should highlight what participants will be able to practically apply when they return to work after the conference. The objectives are limited to approximately 400 characters.



Your professional bio should include your current job title and organization, key areas of expertise or knowledge, any authorships and professional association with PPS/CPP, and finally education earned. The bio is limited to 500 characters.

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Preferred Topics

- Career success stories from Pricing Practitioners - Real life case studies; data may be manipulated for proprietary protection - Pricing Psychology and Behavioral Economics - Pricing Strategy & Tactics - Managing the Pricing Department Revenue Management - Pricing and Strategy by Country, Region & Market Segment - Healthcare / Pharmaceutical / Medical Pricing - Sales Enablement


Keynote & Breakout Presentations should include 45 minutes of content.

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Before You Submit...

Below is a "Sample" Title, Abstract and Objectives:  

Managing the Managers: Executive Communications for Getting Price  

The pricing analysis is now complete, the waterfalls are developed, and the opportunities identified -- now what? Getting executive buy-in can be one of the largest internal hurdles Pricing Managers must overcome. Pricing Managers are often caught in the middle, fighting not only customers but internal bureaucracy and culture to get the message out, and the dollars in. Learn through real-world examples how to frame your findings in a way that is compelling to executives.  

Attendees will learn:  

• the power of getting executive buy-in; • how to turn skeptics into advocates; and • how to internally communicate the benefits of pricing.  

Sample Bio:  

John Public has 20 years experience in pricing, credit and strategy with major manufacturers in consumer goods and B2B environments. John’s experience in various functional areas has given him a broad understanding of companies and the markets they serve. His most recent work has included commodity price analysis and how pricing can be protected and enhanced through the use of a commodity based price surcharge. John earned his BA from XYZ University and MBA from ABC School of Business.

Due to the large volume of responses, PPS will not consider submissions with incomplete data, a missing Title, Abstract or Bio, and those not meeting the required character count.

If your submission has been selected, a professional portrait picture will be requested from you. To expedite this process, please feel free to e-mail this to michael@pricingsociety.com.  

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